Queensland Go Society

The Queensland Go Society was formed on Saturday the third of May, 2014 as the state federation for the ancient oriental game of go (also known as igo, weiqi, baduk, or stones) in Queensland, Australia. Its purpose is to hold an annual Queensland Go Championship, and facilitate the playing of go in its chapters (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Lismore):

Brisbane Go Club Gold Coast Go Club Southern Cross University Lismore Go Club Bun Bu Ryo Do, USQ Toowoomba, Go Discipline

These meet at Ace Comics and Games Annerley / Critical Mass North, Links Hope Island, on campus at Southern Cross University Lismore, and on campus at University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba, respectively. Most social media activity occurs on the Queensland Go Society Facebook group, although there are separate pages for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Lismore. Most of the time you want to talk to your local chapter convenor, who runs a go club you can play at; but the current state general secretary is Horatio Davis (horatio@go.org.au) if you don't know which chapter or have something that affects the whole of Queensland.

Our mailing address is PO Box 149, Woody Point, Queensland 4019. Funds transfers should go to account 290 909 051 at the ANZ Bank, BSB 014281; our ABN is 83 468 116 316.

All of our meetings and tournaments and players are required to abide by THE RULES.

Tournament Calendar

The Queensland Championships (annual) and the Australian Championships (when it rotates to Queensland every few years) alternate between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The two biggest chapters have an annual club tournament each. Suggestions for a winter tournament are welcome.




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Honour Roll

Life Members


YearQueenslandBrisbaneGold Coast
2017 Yanis Newman-Pache 3dWarrakun Mangrai 7k Wenxu Xie 5dBarry Allison 9k Coddy Ge 4dEdwin Clarke 2k
2016 Kaile Su 6dSun Woo Nam 4k Yu Zekun 5dSun Woo Nam 4k Kaile Su 6dIan Cook 10k
2015 Kevin Jiang 7dDominick Chan 2k Kaile Su 6dSun Woo Nam 4k Kaile Su 6dAdrian Xavier 11k
2014 Kevin Jiang 5dHoratio Davis 3k Kevin Jiang 7dRavi Newman-Pache 10k
2013 Kevin Jiang 6dHans Shi 12k Kevin Jiang 7dWarrakun Mangrai 8k
2012 Markus Pache 4dDaniel Coorey 2k Kevin Jiang 6d / Eugene Lee 5dCarlos Alperin 5k Cecil Kuo 2d
2011 Hongyi Tang 2dDaniel Coorey 2k Simon Kim 5dHans Shi 14k Erli Qiu 3dHoratio Davis 3k
2010 Markus Pache 2dAmelia Gray 2k ??
2009 Kevin Jiang 6dAmelia Gray 2k
2008 Kevin Jiang 5dErli Qiu 3k David Na 5dJeremy Wen 6k
2007 Akira Tamura 4dAmelia Gray 4k
2006 Mark Bell 3dRodney Topor 5k
2005 Jong Hwa Shin 5dRene Hexel 5k Chulho Rhee 5dHoratio Davis 12k
2004 Raphael Shin 7dKlaus Fuhrman 7k
2003 Raphael Shin 7dJames Chown 8k Chullho Rhee 5dJames Chown 10k
2002 Steve Carson 3dAlan Reid 1k
2001 ??
2000 ??
1999 Andrew Chi 7d?