Gold Coast Classic Tournament

The Gold Coast Classic has been since 2011 the annual championship of the Gold Coast Go Club, the city championship for the Gold Coast go community, and one of the first-class fixtures on the Queensland tournament circuit.

It is hosted by the Gold Coast Go Club, and usually occupies one of their meeting days (i.e. the last Sunday of either October or November that year, where they’d normally be playing go that afternoon, they instead play go all day.) Usually it is four to six rounds in two divisions, an open division for dan players and a handicapped division for kyu players.

The tenth Gold Coast Classic is on Sunday 27th November, 2022 at Helensvale Library in the community rooms on the ground floor. Registration from 9, first round from 9:30, five rounds until 5:30pm. Open division 7d to 2k, handicap division 2d to 20k. Australian (Japanese) rules. Lunch and refreshments provided, registration $40.


  • The inaugural Gold Coast Classic was held in 2011, and had only four competitors in each division.
  • The second Classic in 2012 was not formally recorded, because there were only four competitors in a single round-robin handicapped division, of whom the winner was Horatio Davis 2k.
  • The 3rd Classic in 2013 was held in three divisions: open (7d to 4d), middle (3d to 1d), and handicap (1k and below). The middle division champion was Jinsong Sun 3d.
  • The 4th Classic in 2014 was held in three divisions: open (7th to 3rd dan), middle (3d to 1k), and handicap (8k and below). The middle division champion was Robin Garner 3d.
  • The 5th Classic in 2015 was held in three divisions: open (7th to 3rd dan), middle (3rd to first dan), and handicap (1k to 20k). The middle division champion was Dongjie Wu 3d.
  • The 9th Classic in 2019 was played as a single handicapped division due to the low numbers and the 2019-2021 COVID-19 pandemic. Rodney Topor 6k is the kyu player who placed highest (seventh). There was a hiatus for the remainder of the pandemic period.
YearOpen ChampionHandicap ChampionLocation
2022Your name hereYour name hereHelensvale Library
2019Simon Lyu 3dLinks Hope Island
2018Hantao Huang 6dEdwin Clarke 1kGriffith University Gold Coast
2017Coddy Ziyu Ge 7dEdwin Clarke 2kLinks Hope Island
2016Kaile Su 6dRodney Topor 3kLinks Hope Island
2015Kaile Su 6dAdrian Xavier 11kGold Coast Country Club
2014Kevin Jiang 7dRavi Newman-Pache 10kGold Coast Country Club
2013Kevin Jiang 7dWarrakun Mangrai 8kGold Coast Country Club
2012unknownunknownGainsborough Greens
2011Simon Kim 5dHoratio Davis 3kGainsborough Greens