Brisbane Go Club Ladder

The Brisbane Go Club Ladder will be launched at the meeting this Tuesday evening (the 8th of June, 2021). There will be two ladders: Open and Handicap available. Participation in both is encouraged and free!

Maximum Handicap09
Komi6.50.5 with stones, 6.5 if even

The full rules are below, but if you wish to participate, either let whoever is running the meeting (usually Allan) know at the meeting, or send him an e-mail at

The intent of this ladder is to have a bit of fun, while encouraging friendly competition and desire to improve. There will absolutely still be casual games being played, and as usual the QGS Code of Conduct still applies (summary: don’t be intentionally unpleasant or disruptive, at least without a really good reason). As always, suggestions are welcome!


  • Initial starting point will be done by local rank, with reference to AGA or OGS rank if necessary. People joining later will be inserted by estimated rank. If rank cannot be easily estimated, they will begin at the bottom rank
  • Only games played at club meetings will be valid
  • Only games agreed upon by both players beforehand will be valid ladder challenges
  • People can only challenge for positions within 5 levels of their current position
    • e.g. Sam currently occupies position 7. They can challenge for positions 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, but not 8 or 1. They can be challenged by the people occupying the positions 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.
  • If a game cannot be completed by the end of the meeting for whatever reason, either:
    • The game will be a “no result”
    • The game will be paused and completed at the next club meeting
    • The players must agree which decision. If they cannot, the person running the meeting will be the final arbiter. If a game cannot be completed at the next club meeting, then the game will be declared a “no result”
  • Players must record their names, current ranks, and result. Kifu is preferred (via paper or sgf format) but not required
  • If a person does not participate in a ladder game for 8 consecutive weeks, they will be removed from the ladder
    • Re-entry can occur by challenging the person at the position they held previously or up to 3 positions higher. If they fail, they will occupy a position double the level they used to occupy
      • e.g. Kim occupied position 3 on the Open ladder, but could not participate in games for long enough to drop off the ladder. They challenge Leigh, who currently occupied position 1, but lose the game. Kim re-joins the ladder at position 6. If Kim had won, they would have taken position 1, with Leigh taking position 2, and the ladder adjusting as normal
  • It is generally expected that people will participate in the ladder in good faith and general spirit of sportsmanship. The intent of the ladder is to encourage a spirit of friendly competition and desire for improvement
  • Any ambiguities or decisions that need to be made will be made by whoever is running the meeting. Those decisions may be appealed to the QGS Council, if desired.
  • Current positions will be displayed at both meetings and on the BGC website
  • The winners of each ladder will be awarded at the end-of-year Christmas party if one is held. If one is not held, they will be awarded at the last meeting of the year

Brisbane Go Club Meeting

On the 19th of January, the Brisbane Go Club had the first pizza night meeting for the year! It was a relatively quiet night, with 9 attendees, including both strong players like Heiwei Yang (6d) and Elizabeth Patrick (2d), and beginners like Rhuaidi Burke.

Everyone had a lot of fun, and much pizza was eaten! Thankfully, Supreme High Overlord Allan was saved from the temptation of having to take the leftover pizza home by the generosity of Brenton Robert.

We also had a bittersweet evening, with the re-emergence of Justin Shin, a member who has been too caught up saving lives to play go for several months. He is apparently leaving for Melbourne, and wanted to say goodbye to his friends, including Horatio “Hora-Hora” Davis. He will be missed, and we wish him all the luck in Melbourne.

41st Queensland Championships

The 41st Queensland Go Championships will be held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of February, 2021, at the major downstairs gaming room of Ace Comics and Games, Shop 18 Annerley Arcade at 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley. The tournament director is Horatio Davis (, 0466 983 474).

This is the state championship, and competitors who are AGA members will earn rank and rating increments for playing, and international representative points for placing in the divisions. There will be:

  • an open division in six rounds for players from 2k to 7d in strength, three rounds (60 minutes main time plus 30 seconds byoyomi) on the first day and hopefully we will need three rounds on the second day.
  • a handicap division for players from 25k to 2d in strength in five rounds (30 minutes main time plus 30 seconds byoyomi) on the first day. Up to nine stones handicap and 0.5 points komi to white, 6.5 points komi for even games.
  • the annual general meeting of the Queensland Go Society during lunch on the first day; this includes elections of officers, reports from the last batch, and hopefully not too much general business. Email any business to who will put it on the agenda.

Registration is $20 early bird concession, $25 early bird regular players, $25 for late registration concession and $30 regular players.

Early bird registration ends Saturday 30th January; concession registration is available to juniors, students and pensioners.

Registration includes tea, coffee, snacks, and voting membership of the Queensland Go Society. It does not include lunch as there are several decent food outlets including a cafe directly upstairs and a pizza shop nearby.

RSVP in advance, pay on the day.

Saturday 6th February

9am – room opens
9:30am – draw
10am – open round 1, handicap round 1
11:15am – handicap round 2
12:30 to 1:30pm – lunch break (BYO or buy nearby)
(2021 Queensland Go Society Annual General Meeting while we eat)
1:30pm – open round 2, handicap round 3
2:45pm – handicap round 4
4pm – open round 3, handicap round 5
6pm – handicap division awards ceremony

Sunday 7th February.

9am – room opens
10am – open round 4
12:30 to 1:30pm – lunch break (BYO or buy nearby)
1:30pm – open round 5
4pm – open round 6
6:30pm closing ceremony

Hello, world!

Welcome to the new and shiny web pages of the Queensland Go Society. It’s been most of a decade since the last rebuild, and I thought we would make some that were useful and current.

Suggestions very welcome.

If you have a club in Queensland, hit me up for access and you can do up a page and make posts about what you’re doing and where you’re doing it.

If you have an event going or an interesting story to tell, email me with details and some pictures and maybe even kifu, and we’ll get it up here.

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