Code of Conduct

If you are at a Queensland tournament, or hanging out at a Queensland club meeting or other event, the following is required of you.

If you have any questions, there is a Frequently Asked Questions list; ask your club’s convenor; or ask your nearest state council member.

  1. No disrupting the play. No cheating, no mind games, no sandbagging at club, abide by the local rules of go, no interrupting or kibitzing without asking first. Especially no breaking the remaining rules in such a way that players either can’t or aren’t playing go anymore.
  2. No trolling. Have opinions, sure, talk about whatever, think inside the box, outside the box, burn the box. If your natural style of you doing you mostly ends up with arguments and drama, and especially if you are deliberately doing it when you know it’s violating Rule 1, you are trolling. Bad troll, no biscuit. Worse troll, no playing. If you’re wondering what else to talk about that won’t detonate, try talking only about the go. Weather, cake and pizza are is good topics, too.
  3. No violence. Defence of self or others had better be proportional and/or have a really good story attached. Enforcing a suspension or expulsion is allowed.
  4. No getting caught in immorality or illegality. Well, technically, we should phrase that as “do not conduct yourself in a way injurious or prejudical to the character or interests of the Society”, but we’re relaxed and it’s amazing what our members get up to that doesn’t stick to us. That said: don’t break the law. Don’t act dishonorably or immorally. Don’t make us have to care whether you might have. Especially do not make us have to clean up your mess or report your violation. If it does leave a stain on our characters or rep, we will share the impact with you.
  5. Be nice. Volunteers, organisers, convenors, and councillors should try to run their meetings and events without drama or partiality. Yes, we have watched Roadhouse too many times. Players and NPCs should respect that the organiser is trying for this ideal, and not do or say things to make it harder.
  6. Do the right thing. If there is any doubt as to what that is, the club convenor or tournament director will tell you. Hear and obey, yes? In the meantime, be cooperative and honest and respectful of others, and play good clean go.