University of Queensland Go

There have been four attempts to date at a formal go club at the University of Queensland’s campus at Saint Lucia in Brisbane.

Attempt number five kicked off a few weeks into the second semester of 2021, and is run by Brenton Roberts most Friday evenings from 6pm in the covered courtyard full of tables under General Purpose South building 78 on Staff House Road.

So far players from 30 kyu to third dan have shown up. Staff, all manner of students, and other members of the university community are all welcome to join us.

If you already know the ancient oriental game of go, there are boards and stones and opponents all in one convenient sheltered location. If you don’t already know the game, we will teach you.

Contact Brenton via the QGS, post on the club’s Facebook page (and RSVP to the meeting events), or just turn up most Friday events during semester and jump straight in.