Gold Coast Go Club

LAST SUNDAY MONTHLY from 1.00-4.00pm
Links Hope Island
Hope Island Road, Hope Island(via Springfield Drive)
Pegasus Room via the terrace past the bar and restaurant
Known in Japan as Igo (囲碁), China as Weiqi (圍棋,围棋) and Korea as Baduk (바둑). Go is an over 4,000 year old ancient board game popular throughout the eastern & western world. It is the oldest board game in the world and also the most difficult, beautiful and profound board game in existence.

It takes mere minutes to learn the rules of Go, but the simplicity in its rules belies the incredible depth of its game play. Come learn to play, increase your strength and challenge your peers. All Welcome.

Every October, we hold the Gold Coast Classic tournament.
For further information or to let us know you’ll be coming along contact Yoko Usami ….. Ph: 0411 441 720