Australian Digital

The Australian Digital is the premier online tournament for the Pacific region, including participants from all over Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and other countries. The tournament is carried over over several weeks, with one game per week between drawn participants. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in scheduling and participation. Also, since it’s online, you can play against people you normally wouldn’t, and make some new friends!

This has been happening for several years, with the 2021 being the 6th Australian Digital. In conjunction, it is also the 2021 Australian Open!

YearFirst Division ChampionSecond Division ChampionThird Division Champion
2021Your name here Your name here Your name here
2020Laris DuqingKevin Chu
2019Zhiming DengPeng Fei
2018Billy SunKevin Duong
2016Kevin LiuHuong Phan
2015Tom ChenStephen YangZhenyu Liu