Brisbane Spring

The Brisbane Spring tournament is the city championship for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the club championships for the Brisbane Go Club and Magic Go Club. The first Brisbane Spring tournament was held at St Mark’s Lutheran Church in Mount Gravatt on 4 September 2010, however it then lapsed and no reliable records survived as to who competed or won.

The modern Brisbane Spring tournament was revived by Allan Hunt on 12 September 2015, and has been held annually ever since at approximately September, a month before the Gold Coast Classic.

Prizes are traditionally a medal or cup with the Brisbane Go Club logo on it, and a brief warm feeling of triumph.

YearBrisbane Open ChampionBrisbane Kyu Champion
2021Your name hereYour name here
2020was not heldwas not held
2019Haiwei Yang 7dSun Woo Nam 2k
2018Jin Yichao 5dPeter Hexel 10k
2017Wenxu Xie 5dBarry Allison 9k
2016Yu Zekun 5dSun Woo Nam 4k
2015Kaile Su 6dSun Woo Nam 4k