The Membership

We have four categories of members:

  • Regular members (voting members who became so because they competed at the Queensland Championships and participated in the annual general meeting over lunch)
  • Corresponding members (voting members who became so by paying the fee and emailing the secretary; for those who cannot make it to the Championship)
  • Life members (voting members who became so by decree of the general meeting recognising their awesomeness for life), and
  • Registered players (we know you are there because you play at our tournaments or in our clubs; there is no state fee)

If you want to register, tell your club convenor or your tournament director. If you want to join, turn up at the Queensland Championships or email the general secretary of the QGS (we promise we will soon have a cool online mechanism for signing up) and throw some money our way.

There are also the sundry members of the state council. Irrespective of what else they are, they have all the rights and privileges of voting members while they are councillors.