2022 DAKTECH Cup

The Townsville Go Club is putting on a tournament to raise money for Rare Cancers Australia. Similarly to the Australian Digital and New Zealand Digital, it will be an online tournament conducted over several weeks from the 25th of April to the 29th of May.

A summary document can be found here.

Organised by the Townsville Go Club convenor Colton Tinkey, the tournament looks to harness our passion for go to create positive change in the world. Entry is $15 – not paid to Colton or the TGC, but to Rare Cancers Australia. Note that the $15 is a minimum – if people choose to donate more, that’d be amazing!

That said, just because the tournament is for charity, doesn’t mean there can’t be prizes. There are these honestly really cool trophies available for the winners of each division, with an honest-to-god wooden go stone as the topper!

Is it just me, or are these just really cool? The banding reminds me of shell stones

In addition, first and second place will win two go books, with third winning one go book. So there’s plenty of shiny to go around! (I still want those trophies though.)

There will be two divisions, Open (2k and stronger) and Handicap (2d and weaker). Participants can be from Australia or New Zealand, so this is also a really good opportunity to play against people you wouldn’t otherwise, and learn new tricks!