Brisbane Go Club Ladder

The Brisbane Go Club Ladder will be launched at the meeting this Tuesday evening (the 8th of June, 2021). There will be two ladders: Open and Handicap available. Participation in both is encouraged and free!

Maximum Handicap09
Komi6.50.5 with stones, 6.5 if even

The full rules are below, but if you wish to participate, either let whoever is running the meeting (usually Allan) know at the meeting, or send him an e-mail at

The intent of this ladder is to have a bit of fun, while encouraging friendly competition and desire to improve. There will absolutely still be casual games being played, and as usual the QGS Code of Conduct still applies (summary: don’t be intentionally unpleasant or disruptive, at least without a really good reason). As always, suggestions are welcome!


  • Initial starting point will be done by local rank, with reference to AGA or OGS rank if necessary. People joining later will be inserted by estimated rank. If rank cannot be easily estimated, they will begin at the bottom rank
  • Only games played at club meetings will be valid
  • Only games agreed upon by both players beforehand will be valid ladder challenges
  • People can only challenge for positions within 5 levels of their current position
    • e.g. Sam currently occupies position 7. They can challenge for positions 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, but not 8 or 1. They can be challenged by the people occupying the positions 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.
  • If a game cannot be completed by the end of the meeting for whatever reason, either:
    • The game will be a “no result”
    • The game will be paused and completed at the next club meeting
    • The players must agree which decision. If they cannot, the person running the meeting will be the final arbiter. If a game cannot be completed at the next club meeting, then the game will be declared a “no result”
  • Players must record their names, current ranks, and result. Kifu is preferred (via paper or sgf format) but not required
  • If a person does not participate in a ladder game for 8 consecutive weeks, they will be removed from the ladder
    • Re-entry can occur by challenging the person at the position they held previously or up to 3 positions higher. If they fail, they will occupy a position double the level they used to occupy
      • e.g. Kim occupied position 3 on the Open ladder, but could not participate in games for long enough to drop off the ladder. They challenge Leigh, who currently occupied position 1, but lose the game. Kim re-joins the ladder at position 6. If Kim had won, they would have taken position 1, with Leigh taking position 2, and the ladder adjusting as normal
  • It is generally expected that people will participate in the ladder in good faith and general spirit of sportsmanship. The intent of the ladder is to encourage a spirit of friendly competition and desire for improvement
  • Any ambiguities or decisions that need to be made will be made by whoever is running the meeting. Those decisions may be appealed to the QGS Council, if desired.
  • Current positions will be displayed at both meetings and on the BGC website
  • The winners of each ladder will be awarded at the end-of-year Christmas party if one is held. If one is not held, they will be awarded at the last meeting of the year

By Allan Hunt

Supreme High Overlord of the Brisbane Go Club, and owner/operator of PacifiGo, I enjoy many different types of games, really enjoy psychology and occasionally help run various go events around the place

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