Experience Korea Festival

This Saturday – the 23rd of April – the QGS will be promoting go/baduk to the masses at the Experience Korea festival! In partnership with PacifiGo we will have a stall for people to drop by, learn a little about the game, pick up a set, and maybe make some friends!

I’m really happy to be starting events like this again after the last couple of years, but these only work if we have volunteers to show up and do the actual work! So if you have time, drop by and help out, even if only for a little while. We generally have drinks available for people who help out, so this is a good way to experience the festival, get some go in, and have some free drinks!

By Allan Hunt

Supreme High Overlord of the Brisbane Go Club, and owner/operator of PacifiGo, I enjoy many different types of games, really enjoy psychology and occasionally help run various go events around the place

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